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Of Wings and Things.


Sasuke zipped black boots before grabbing his bag and heading out the door. Adjusted the bruising strap, the Uchiha walked down his porch steps and silently along the trail into the forest.

He licked drying lips before lifted his face towards the partly cloudy sky. It was humid outside and perfect condition for research. After getting off the phone with Orochimaru, Sasuke was ready to rather more data about poisons… Or rather it’s cure.

He stepped from the man made trail and onto slightly dampened soil. This, being alone, was how the young scientist enjoyed spending most of his days.

There was no better place to be away from people than nature. He pulled out a map of the forest and where he’d placed traps at last. With a mental image, Sasuke started walking through the greens of the wildlife.

His first two traps had been empty and untouched. “Tch,” he grunted and marked them off his list. A drop of rain seeped into ebony locks. Sasuke checked his watched and guessed the down pour was about…

He looked at the thickening gray clouds. “Six minutes,” he estimated and continued his search for the next trap.

There was a small cry just ahead of him. It was so small that he almost thought that it was made up in his head. Onyx eyes searched for the source of the cry and saw the area where he laid a mouse trap at shuffle.

"The snakes should be hungry," he decided and quickly moved from the glass, ignoring the drizzling rain. Squatting down, he removed the grass and froze.

In his mouse trap was…was…

His hand hovered over the…

Its large opal eyes blinked at him, tears streamed down its face as another cry left its lips.

He had never…

The creature turned to attempt to pull its wing from the clamp of his trap.

Sasuke swallowed. He had read about these things as a child. They weren’t real. There was no way a human could be the size of his index finger and live with functioning organs. It wasn’t possible.

It was irrational. It was-

It…or she - judging by its feminine characteristics slumped over her clamped wing.

Sasuke swallowed and shook the rain from his face. The thing flinched as he lifted the trap enough for her to pull away. The creature stood quickly and fluttered one wing but fell to the ground as she attempted the left one.

The pouring rain just beat her further to the dirt. Sasuke took a jar from his bag and placed it over her. The little thing didn’t even fight back.

She just silently cried against the cool glass.


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My scene, in gif form! (thank you, Jacob!)


My scene, in gif form! (thank you, Jacob!)

My OTP is ruining my life and making it better at the same time.

ichiruki + [ tag team (manip) ]


God this is gorgeous!


God this is gorgeous!

Thursday is Terror-Day







Meanwhile, in Japan

sometimes you just got to stop questioning the japanese and accept it.


dont exercise with the ball

be the ball


Madara Susanoo


Uchiha Sasuke [うちは サスケ] request by; soysaucekay, my lovely Allison <3


"To him, your life was more important than the village."


"To him, your life was more important than the village."